Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jordan Brown: Finding Your Voice

Editors and agents always say they are looking for a great voice.  What does this mean?

Voice is important because it is the first major element of your book that the reader is going to experience.  It will be as present on the first page as it is on the last.  It is the most vital way to new writers to distinguish themselves.  From an editorial perspective, it is the hardest thing to teach.

Voice is the way we have of connecting with your story by way of your character.

The most vital thing we can learn about a character is what is important to that character.

How does your character describe the physical experience of emotion?

How can you make your voice stand out?  Read a lot - read as much as you can for the age group you are writing for.   Think about who your narrator is telling the story to.  Cut down on description as much as you feel you can.

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