Sunday, September 22, 2013

A few notes from our Agent/Editor/Art Director Panel

 Number one piece of advice:  

Jordan Brown:  Read all that you can!

Lisa Cheng:  Research, research, research!

Michael Bourret:  Find a great agent.

Note:  All panel members are looking for multicultural stories.

Is it okay to query an agent if you've been rejected by them before?  

Michael:  Yes, but the fact I've turned something down previously does not color my feelings about new work.

Josh Adams:  The time to submit is when you are ready.  We are several authors who we are happily working with that we turned down the first time around.

Should I hire a copy editor before pitching?

Bonnie Bader:  I don't think a copy editor is necessary.  Proofread what you send in.

What are some of your author/illustrator pet peeves?
Bonnie Bader:  Being late on a manuscript and coming up with excuse after excuse.

Josh Adams:  Not listening.

Lorraine Joyner:  Don't make excuses (in regard to deadlines)!

Michael Bourret:  I can forgive anything except dishonesty.

Lisa Cheng:  I encourage writers to contextualize what I'm saying (referencing editor feedback).

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